Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Vietnamese Noodle Soup

As Far as we could tell, this place was simply named "Vietnamese Noodle Soup."  Not all that interesting but to the point.  I like that.
My wife and I love this place.  We've been here a bunch of times and the food has always been fresh, crisp, and Tasty!  I appreciate its consistency.
Vietnamese Noodle Soup is nestled into the the second story of a building a-front a bustling intersection in PNU.  This makes for superb people watching.
As you can see from the images, the food is prepared with visual appeal in mind.  You can get many different Vietnamese dishes here.  We had the pho and it's good i guess, but pho is... boring as shit.  We really got turned on by their seafood noodle dishes, their killer "rolls" (pumpkin, veggie, spring, shrimp...), and their sauces.  They also have tropical dishes served in a halved pineapple.  Haven't tried that one yet.  As you ponder your options, the warm and friendly staff will place a pitcher of hot tea on your table.  The tea is good and somewhat spiritual.  You'll know what I mean.
The chief is a middle aged Korean dude who is usually sitting at the table in the window watching people walk by.  He'll give you a warm greeting then head to the kitchen.

To get to Vietnamese Noodle Soup, get off at the PNU exit number 1 and head straight until you get to the first major "car" intersection.

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