Friday, 17 February 2012

Fresh Fries Factory

The Fresh Fries Factory.  The name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and neither will your food, cause you'll be swallowing so fast, cause the food is so good...  
Fresh Fries Factory has been open since some time in December and they have been stirring things up in Seomyeon.  If your a fan of fish frys, you know that the options in Busan are peekish, but fret not, Triple F is filling that void.  The owner, also a fishermen, is quite interested in serving good fish.  He said he is very "confident in his fish", and he should be.  It's damn good.  He uses fresh 'moon fish' that are harvested right out of the local fish farms.  I can attest to the freshness as we saw his associate batter the fillets and drop them in the fryer.  The shop is small, quaint, and saturating with fryer smell.  You may find a curious desire to eat your jacket a few days after visiting.  
Simply put, this place is hands down the best place to get a fish fry.  You get three fillets with each order that are crispy and delicious.  The moon fish has a taste very similar to cod and it's appearance and texture also mimic that of cod.  The 'chips'are frozen-bag-fries, but they're good and served extra crisp.  Cass is on tap. Also, I think their tartar is house made or it's just really good. 
An order of 'fish and chips' is 8,000won.  Cass is 1,500won (300cc) or 2,500won (500cc).  
To get to the Fresh Fries Factory follow the map!  Exit 2 at Seomyeon.