Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kappa Sushi

We've all seen em' either on TV or in person.  The sushi restaurants with the conveyor belts (also called "go-round" sushi) lined with rolls, raw fish, fried things and even pastries.  Go-round sushi is one of Japan's versions of fast food and as the idea of fast food sushi has long been made popular by grocery stores and gas stations, there is something that is unsettleing about fast food raw fish...   I watched in curiosity as plate after plate enter the room then left it through an orifice looking hole in the wall.    Is there something terribly out of order here, something that gives new meaning to the work excess.   Well if there is, we didn't stick around to find out what it was.  We gorged ourselves like starving elves in a candy cane factory.
All in all the sushi was pretty good.  Some felt and tasted like water soaked dish sponges, while others were quite tasty.  
After some careful observation of some neighbouring tables, we learned how to use our touch screen menus, which provide many useful services.  For example, if you see something that you would like but it looks a bit... tainted (by a rogue sneeze or otherwise), you can get a fresh batch for no extra charge.  The best part is how it's served to you.  Your order will be delivered to your table atop a bite sized KTX train.  Cool.   
Your bill is determined by counting the number of stacked plates on your table.  Most of the dishes are 1500won, but the "glitzy" ones are 2000 or 3000 won.  
Kappa Sushi is located in Nampo-dong but the Jagalchi subway stop is closest.  Go out the number 7 exit and head straight for about 50 meters.  Take your first major left and Kappa Sushi is going to be on your left before you get to the venders.
~k Gastric Canvas 

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