Sunday, 11 September 2011


by: kent
September 6

If your from the Midwest, (usa) you know that fish frys are a HUGE part of the culture there. The reason for this being the Catholic influence in the region and their abstinence from meat on Fridays. I’m not Catholic but hats off if you are. I have observed the tradition, however, and have taken part in many-a fish fry in my day. If the religion should serve for no other purpose than to have developed and honed the fish fry, I would call it a success. We all love a good fish fry

Of course you’ve heard about Wolfhounds, and please pardon my rashness in my saying I’ve avoided going to this particular bar/pub because of its perpetuation of drunken, stupid, college-aged western behaviors, not that there's anything wrong with that. Alas, Wolfhounds is one of a very few establishments in So Ko that provides this ritualistic platter. Well, the western version at least.

Accompanied by my wife and a few friends, one whose arm had just been run over by a bus, we headed in. Yep run over, be careful on those mopeds for Christ sake! The decor is typical of an Irish style pub mixed, perhaps, with a shot of Applebee’s. The many tiffany lamps scattered around the place gave me a homey feeling. After ordering a round of Red Rock, we all ordered the fish fry. We also got “nachos.”
The nachos were Costco corn chips and Costco salsa. Let me be clear, I like cheap chips and salsa, but they’re a long shot from being “nachos.” Ok, we’ll let that slide.The Giants were on the big screens and a slow western mix was playing on the jukebox. Smoking is ok to do here but at the time no one was taking advantage of it and that was nice. A loud and pleasant bell rang out signifying our order was finished.The presentation was simple yet refined. The two pieces of, what was later resolved to be, cod were neatly stacked upon a bedding of chips (potato wedges).

Two small dishes attended the fish, one containing tartar sauce the other malt vinegar. A wedge of lemon and a sprig of parsley sealed the deal. Cod is not a local fish and fresh cod (non-frozen) in these parts is not an option.With that in mind, the cod was good and even flaky in most areas. I think the breading was made in house and the chips were decent too. The dish was by no means too much food. Pardon me, out comes my Americaness. As an American, my portion sizes have been dangerously oversized, yet there they are. I wasn’t “American” full. Maybe I was British, or Kiwi full. The fish and chips on the whole were good. Worth another trip for about 14,000 won? Perhaps.  Also, Tuesday's are 2 for the price of 1 fish fries!!
To find Wolfhound take the Haeundae exit and head to the beach. Walk about 3/4 mile and it will be on your right. Cheers folks!
~k Gastric Canvas 

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  1. Looks like home!! Sounds delish, but run over by a bus? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!! Yikes!