Monday, 12 September 2011

Burger Hunter

by: kent

Hunter? I don’t get the name. Clearly they have burgers but what’s with the hunter part? A mural of a multi-chinned diner mama greets you as you enter the place. She’s not a hunter. She’s not even sporting any camo. She’s packin heat though, manifested in the shape of a burger and fries. A true killer to be sure, just check out our impressive heart disease stats. I pay my fair share of deep fried dues and what better place to pay them then at a curiously named, quasi diner in So Ko.

The aroma of frying oil was apparent from the steps of the subway exit and only intensified as we drew closer. A good sign. Finding veggie options at burger places is usually futile but we had been here before. We were experienced. Burger Hunter not only had a mushroom burger but they also had a shrimp burger. For non-vegies, you have your choose of burger in any shape or size and combined with an army of accoutrements. “Sets” for an extra 2,000won. We ordered mushroom and shrimp sets and we opted for the house made chips. About 19,000won.

The order came up pretty quick, right out of the fryers. The burgers looked fricking hunterlicous. No flair, just good food in baskets. The portabella mushroom cap was stuffed with cheese then breaded and finally deep-fried. Not too much going wrong there. The shrimp patty consisted of some kind of breadcrumb binder that held together big hunks of shrimp, and, was that crabmeat I tasted?? The patty was wrapped in cheese and panko crumbs then deep fried. Again, a foolproof design. Are you as not surprised as I that the words fried and friend are as similar in spelling as they are in actuality? Hmmm.

The burgers were good. The thick tomato and onion slices added stiff, ripe textures to the creations. The chips though lacking a bit of salt were satisfying in their humble potatoeness. We washed it down with a tall glass cold glass of cola. Bear is right. Fountain sodas are better. Free refills too!

Burger Hunter is located on your right immediately out of Exit 3 at Kyungsung Station. Follow the smell of fryer grease.


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  1. Wow! Fit for a burger magazine beat with man sized huntsified American cheese. Ba da bing!