Monday, 21 November 2011

Sorrento-I suppose you could call it Italian

We've passed this place before many times on route to other endeavours.  We made snide remarks on the lighting and extraordinarily peculiar motifs.  The interior of this place is like grandma Bea's house mixed with my baby blanket on the sun.  It's super bright in there.  If your scared of vampires, this is the place to take refuge.  Ambience aside this place wasn't too bad a place to hang out and have some chow.
The menu offered the usual Korean Italian dishes; rissoto, spaghetti with white sauce, spaghetti with red sauce, pizza's and ordeurves.  As a group of six on this particular night, we were able to sample a bit from most combinations.  The white sauce was typical, not exciting.  It's like there's a giant vat of this "white" sauce somewhere in Busan that all the Italian restaurants dip into.  Any dish that has the word "white" in it's description comes from this vat.  The Pizza was pretty good however, mushy.  Chronic flaccid crust syndrome (CFCS) is a real problem in most Korean-Italian establishments.You know, if they would trade those damn ceramic pizza serving plates out for breathable steal ones,  it would make all the difference in regard to crust crispness.    I suppose pizza is still in the experimental phase in Korea if you look at the big picture.

The dish that was the most interesting, and quite good, was a red-bell pepper sauce which of course had meat in it.  I'm a vegetarian, but I tried the sauce anyway and it was way better then my white, seafoody sauce.  By the end of the meal I was full, happy, and experiencing a bit of a numb-floating sensation I've contributed to the floral motifs and abortion lights.
You can expect to pay around 15,000 won a person for a meal and ordeurves which isn't bad.  Sorrento is easy to find in  Seomyeon.  Take the #2 exit and walk straight out.  Take the second major left, go straight and take your second right.  Sorrento's will be on your left.
~k Gastric Canvas 

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  1. Ok, again Aunt Bea with my blankie and sun?? Where do you get this stuff? Sounds like some good surprises, although, not the bland/vat white sauce. ewe. Have you done Mexican? American? Is there Texan? Love your writing.
    Love ma