Our blog is called Gastric Canvas.  We're two food-crazed waygooks who tootle around Busan with our little notebook and our little camera in hopes of discover delicious restaurants, or, at least exposing the shitty ones.  There are more shitty ones unfortunately.  This is not to imply that Busan is without good food.  OOOooh No!  Sporting a broad perspective of delicious cuisine, Busan provides choices.  From the street vender lady selling mini ocunomiyaki's in Nampo-dong to the overpriced resto-village behind the Gwangalli Beach strip, you're guaranteed to find something that will rock your little Angry Bird socks right off.  Hopefully we can provide you with some options that will cut time off your search for a good meal.
We call ourselves vegetarians who eat eggs and seafood, you can call us whatever you want.  In a city were 99 percent of my student's favorite food is bulgogi, I am continually surprised at how many options there are for vegies like us.  Mokja!!

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